Pine Ridge
Black bay Thoroughbred stallion, born 1987, 16.0h
Breeder: Hermitage Farm, KY
Owner: DreamTime Farm, KY

  • Royally bred out of the family of Danzig Connection, Roi Danzig, Pine Circle, Aztec Hill, Words of War, B. Major, and many others
  • Beautiful and correct conformation
  • Extraordinary gaits with lots of impulsion
  • Athletic free-jumping
  • Exceptional temperament and manners

Pine Ridge's racing career was cut short due to an injury. However, he is totally sound in his daily work and displays an extremely willing attitude. Excellent gaits and free-jumping.

Pine Ridge is approved by the American Warmblood Registry, as he is a great cross to warmblood and draft mares for a superb and athletic sporthorse cross. At his inspection, he received the following scores and comments:

8.0 for breed, type and conformation: "Elegant"
8.0& for shoulders and withers: "Good"
7.5 for top-line and quarters: "Good proportions"
7.0 for front legs: "Dry"
7.5 for hind legs: "Dry"
7.0 for correctness of movement: "Correct, good rhythm"
7.0 for walk, trot and canter, carriage and elasticity: "Good"
7.4 total score

Overall comments of the judges: "Elegant, compact TB stallion with good outlook. Very handleable. Good shoulders and withers, well-proportioned topline and quarters."

Pine Ridge is also registered with the AQHA as an appendix sire. He is eminently well suited by conformation and pedigree to produce racing and sporthorse quarter horses.

Pine Ridge so far had 8 runners on the track, 6 of which have won. Another one has placed. His first draft crosses are athletic, good-looking and very sweet-tempered. At the AWR approvals in KY in 2000, his first presented draft cross was rated First Premium. His first warmblood cross, born 2002, is outstanding and was rated First Premium at inspection. Her full sister, born 2004, scored an impressive 8.0 at inspection for a First Premium Premier rating. He produces only dark bay/bay horses. None of his foals has been a chestnut, even out of a Belgian draft mare.

Pine Ridge is standing now only to DreamTime Farm mares.

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1998 filly out of Impetuous Ecko (TB)

April Winter

2000 filly out of Heidi (Belgian Draft)

First Premium with a score of 7.1

Sidhe D

2002 filly out of Memories Forever (Holst.)

First Premium with a score of 7.8

Ushuaia D

2004 filly out of Memories Forever (Holst.)

First Premium Premier with a score of 8.0

Pax Romana D

2005 filly out of Favoritin (Westf.)

First Premium Premier with a score of 8.1

Vanity Fair D

2005 filly out of Memories Forever (Holst.)

First Premium with a score of 7.9

Photo by Silvio W. Busch

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